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You have not found the service you need for your custom business? NextPDF will develop a unique custom service just for you!

We will provide a free initial consultation. Our developers will work with you to determine the scope of the project that you need, and what technologies and applications will be necessary to develop and implement the project.

At the end of the consultation phase, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for your project, including various different phases and sub-projects. If possible, we will divide complex project into consequent and independent stages to make you confident that you'll get what you really planned to achieve with this project and be able to test your ideas in your business environment before the whole project will be ready.

Our custom software development includes the following:
  • Desktop software development – we can develop simple, easy to use desktop applications that exactly fit your custom needs in electronic document processing or you can use our ready to use applications.
  • Client-Server Intranet solutions: workflows, electronic documents processing, centralized document store, company shared intranet PDF documents server-side processing.
  • Web-based Internet solutions – deliver our customers rich, dynamic content and services on your corporate web-site.
  • Subscription on our ready-to-use Internet solutions – try our online PDF Services . If you want to send your customers a form to fill out and receive submitted data you don’t need to hire expensive software engineers, consider subscription to one of our web-based online services and we will store, deliver and collect submitted data for you.
  • Custom Adobe Acrobat Plug-ins - we can make Plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat with new toolbars, buttons and functions needed for your business and not provided by Acrobat. Try our new PrintBookmark Plug-in - a quick and easy way to print your bookmarks. Just select the bookmarks you want to print and press Plugin > Print Bookmarks menu item!
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