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Tracking forms
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5 quick steps to start using this service:
  1. Create an interactive (fillable)* PDF-form file:

    • Order a custom PDF or XFA form that suits your needs at the NextPDF Custom PDF Form Order Page;
      -- Or --
    • Create PDF formCreate or use your own interactive PDF or XFA form. (In this case you will need to add "Submit Form" button to your form (as on the displayed sample or any other button wich will submit data to the server). The submit URL is generated for every PDF form registered. You can see it on PDF form settings page (see Step 4). Please, be sure to use only this submit URL  in your "Submit Form" button. Please, set correct settings for your form submit settings: if it is PDF Form - submit it as html, if it is XFA Form - submit it as xfa

  2. Add new form to thePDF Forms Tracker page.

  3. Enter Form Title and click "Next Step" button. By clicking "Next Step" button you create new form in your forms list and generate Submit URL for the form. "Next Step" button also redirects you to Settings page.

    Tracking PDF forms

  4. On PDF Form Settings page you are able to Enable/Disable form (*Note: when disabled form does not accept posts), upload PDF Form (*Note: Optional. It is required, if you want to view posted data in PDF  or attach form data as PDF file when sending Emails.), set confirmation email settings and form processing details.

    On the top of the Settings page you can see unique Submit URL for the form. Please, use this URL in Submit button functionality (See step 1). Click "Save Settings" button.

  5. Share PDF-form file among your customers to post data. 

    To retreive submitted data Login to your NextPDF account and find it by pressing the "post(s)" link in "Activity Report" column. You can view it as a flat html-table or a filled PDF form, print it out or download a csv-file with all submitted data. You can also view Daily Activity Reports.

    Tracking PDF forms
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