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PDF Plugin for printing bookmarks
Free Download

A quick and easy way to print your bookmarks. Just select the bookmarks you want to print and press the Plug-Ins -> Print Bookmarks menu item.

This plug-in would take page where selected bookmark points to and all subsequent pages until the page that belongs to the next sibling of the selected bookmark. All pages in this range would be queued for printing on default printer.
*Please make sure that the order of the bookmarks represents the corresponding page order of the document, otherwise you will not get all the pages printed.

Download and Install
  1. Download GQPrintBookmarks - (zip archive ~300K)
  2. Unzip and launch msi-file to install plug-in
  3. Check for menu Plug-Ins and GQPrintBookmark menu item.
System Requirements
- Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher
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