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Acrobat Plug-Ins

We can make Plug-ins for  Adobe Acrobat  with new tollbars, buttons and functions needed for your business and not provided by Acrobat. You can find a list of frequently mentioned solution needs below:

Window Management. We can produce a particularly useful plugin to effectively organize the numerous PDF document windows on the screen of one monitor or more. Working with many documents at once must be easy and effortless. You will be able to get the desired layout by clicking just a few buttons on the toolbar.

Scanned Document Orientation Solution. Many scanned documents are misoriented. We can provide an easy way of making permanent changes into the orientation of the PDF documents and thus save time and money of the user by providing functionality, otherwise available only through other expensive software products.

Various Bookmark Management Issues. E.g. the user is often in trouble when trying to manage bookmarks with a great number of inter-connections, child and parent nodes, etc. Instead of having to spend hours deleting, moving or adding nodes to make the document look corresponding and thorough, we can develop an automatic tracking solution which is as habitually easily accessed from the toolbar.

Text and Control Extraction and Insertion Procedures. Arguably, the most frequently cited solution request. Text search, extraction, control placement. Otherwise unavailable, such plugin provides new outstanding functionality, such as the ability to add buttons, hyperlinks, images etc. to the existing PDF document on the fly, without having to switch to other software.

File Conversion. Easily convert files of various formats (TXT, XML, APF, DOC, EDI, DJDE and others) into PDF, saving 100% of formatting, appearance and information.

Download Demo Plug-Ins

(Adobe Acrobat 6+)
A quick and easy way to print your bookmarks. Just select the bookmarks you want to print and press the Plugin > Print Bookmarks menu item.
*Please make sure that the order of the bookmarks represents the corresponding page order of the document, otherwise you will not get all the pages printed.

Whatever your problem is, contact us today to discuss the solution. We usually spend 48+ hours to develop an Acrobat Plug-In that suits your needs.
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