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4 quick steps to start using this service: 
  1. Start exploring this service without any registration or Login to your NextPDF account, if you want to store your Property Brochure projects (Register first if you do not have an account). You can start the service without registration, but your project won't be saved.

  2. Press 'Add new document' at the Property Brochure page.

  3. Now you are at the 'Edit Property Info' page. Fill out all the fields describing your property:

    • Property Name - type the name of the property to sell;
    • Property Address - type the full address of the property and indicate its position on the map. Use the scrolling wheel to alter the scale of the map and click on the exact location of your property.
    • Property Images - choose at least one  image file from your PC - the photo of the property;
    • Property Description - include a complete description of the object to provide more information to a potential client;
    • Specifications - specify number of floors, bathrooms, bedrooms, the size of a garage and the age of the property
    • Property area -the overall footage of the property in square feet;
    • Property Price - the price of the property;
    • Contact information - leave as many as possible ways to contact with you in order to facilitate a feedback.
    After making sure that the map shows the right location of your property press 'Save'.

  4. Your PDF brochure is ready. You can distribute, save or print it. You can also edit it anytime, when it's necessary. *Hint - Copy the URL address of your document to distribute it of necessity.
If you are confused, click 'Demo Property Brochure' button to get the sample of Property Brochure, which you can view, edit and save. Demo Property Brochure will help you to learn and master the service.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are confused!

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