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Document Encryption. Online service which allows managing settings and security of PDF documents. With this service you can upload a PDF document and encrypt it, password protect and/or protect document from printing or changing. Choose from a vast number of options, create PDF file to exactly fit your needs. Quick and easy. Document Encryption - Ultimate protection for your data. The IT of the tomorrow is at your doorstep right now! NextPDF - technology at your service!

Features description:
Encryption Level. Set the type of encryption for opening a password-protected document. The Acrobat 3.0 and Later option uses a low encryption level (40-bit RC4), while the other options use a high encryption level (128-bit RC4). Be aware that anyone using an earlier version of Acrobat cannot open a PDF document with a higher compatibility setting. For example, if you select Acrobat 7.0 and later compatibility for a document's security setting, the document cannot be opened in Acrobat 6.0 or earlier. 

Document Open Password. Specify a password in the Document Open Password box to prevent users from opening the document or document attachments) unless they type the password you specify.

Permissions Password. Select the Password Required to Change Permissions and Passwords option, and specify a Permissions password to restrict users from printing and editing. Note that with this feature you can give each user different rights for editing a PDF file. Users cannot change these security settings unless they type the Permissions password that you specify. You cannot use the same password used for the Document Open password.

No Printing. This option prevents users from printing the PDF document. The "Print" button will not be active.

No Changing the Document. Prevents the user from making any changes to the document that are listed in the Changes Allowed menu, such as filling in form fields and adding comments.

No Content Copying or Extraction, Disable Accessibility. Prevents users from select and copy the contents of the PDF document. It also forbids utilities that need access to the contents of a PDF file, such as Acrobat Catalog.

No Adding or Changing Comments and Form Fields. Prevents users from adding or changing comments and form fields of the PDF document.

No Form Fields Fill-in. Prevents users from filling-in form fields of the PDF document.

Extended Protection of PDF Files:

- Protection from saving the document from Adobe Acrobat Std or Pro. With this option you can specify a certain path on a server or on a local computer, where a PDF document can only be opened. For example, if you store a PDF document at the following path "C:/documents/mydocument.pdf", it can be opened only from that destination. If a user to copies this document, he or she will not be able to open it.
- Deny viewing the document after the specified date. Your can specify date until which a PDF file can be opened. After that date its content will no longer be available.
- Restrict users to view the document only a specific number of times. Your PDF document counts the number of times it has been opened and prevents it from viewing when the limit specified by you is run out. 

Service Features
- 40 and 128 Bit Encryption Level
- Require A Password To Open The Document
- Password Required to Change Permissions and Passwords
- No Printing
- No Changing the Document
- No Content Copying or Extraction, Disable Accessibility
- No Adding or Changing Comments and Form Fields
- No Form Fields Fill-in
- Extended Protection of PDF Files (Deny Viewing PDF after the Date and other)
System Requirements
- Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher (doesn't require Adobe Acrobat to run)
- IE 6.0 or higher or other compatible browser

Sign up for 30-days Document Encryption service subscription!
Just order Document Encryption service subscription and after the payment confirmed we will provide you with credentials for your account and the service will be ready for you to use!

Our online Document Encryption service excludes any installations to your computer and using any of its resources. Therefore the hardest  work is done by our server what is a great advantage over desktop applications. 
Risk Nothing with Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

You take absolutely no risk  when becoming our subscriber! If within 30 days of initial subscription you don't feel that Document Encryption service has brought a real value, we'll return every penny that you paid – no question asked. That's how confident we are that Property Brochure service is a powerful and effective tool.

Please Note: We never automatically renew your subscription without your permission. The 30-days subscription term starts on the day when the order form is submitted and lasts 30 days inclusive.
See Document Encryption Guide to learn more about how to use this service!

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