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5 quick steps to start using this service:
  1. Start exploring this service without any registration or Login to your NextPDF account. If you start the service without registration, your projects won't be saved. Please Login, if you want to store or edit your documents with banners (Register first if you do not have an account).

  2. Press 'Manage Banners' at the PDF Banners page. Upload New Banners to be able to use them in Your PDF Documents.

  3. Press 'Upload New Document' at the PDF Banners page.

  4. Upload Your PDF Document. Indicate the Name (it must be unique) to store Your Document with in our service:

    PDF Banners Guide

    Select Banners to show on uploaded PDF Document in blinking mode (one banner will change another in the same coordinates). Please, select two and more banners:
    PDF Banners Guide

    Indicate Banner position on page and size:
    PDF Banners Guide

    Indicate the page to show banners on and seconds in which one banner will change another:
    PDF Banners Guide 

  5. Press 'Save' to save the settings and preview PDF Document with banners.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are confused!

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